Royal Rangers has made many changes to create greater flexibility for a growing number of churches looking for cross-generational discipleship ministries that could be custom fit to the unique needs of each church and community. 

A broader activity-base is now called for so churches can influence a greater number and a more diverse group of boys and young men. Today, our activities include:

Outdoor Skills





The purpose of these is to establish mentoring relationships because men and boys develop friendships and much needed confidence by doing things together side-by-side. Relationships enable men to accomplish mission.  

Beyond teaching the boys in your class a merit, take the boys into the great outdoors to instil/nurture their love of the wild! Below is a number of resources for you to use to spend time building relationships side-by-side.

TRaCclub Trades Merits

Amateur Radio



Fire Safety

First Aid - CPR

Home Repair


Truck Transportation

Wood Carving